Sunday, January 17, 2016

Take Time


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Time is a funny thing. Some days it seems like we don't have enough of it while other days feel like they will never end. Time can seemingly speed up or stand still. We share our time with those we love and other days we crave a little time to ourselves. One thing is for sure, our time is precious to us. 

In the picture above I have two of my favorite time pieces. The watch was my Grandpa Ganus's watch. If you follow this blog, you know I never really knew him because he lived in another state and died when I was little. Having something of his means the world to me. The small clock with the embroidered message was a Christmas gift from my sister-in-law after the death of her husband. She told us that she realized how precious time is and the value of always making time for the things that matter most. 

It is with that thought that I set this blog aside for a little while in order to give my time to a pressing family matter. I will miss you, but in time, hopefully I will be back. 

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  1. We all need to be reminded of how fleeting time with our loved ones can be. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family daily.

  2. All the best, Michelle, hope everything works out well for you and yours.

  3. A touching post with reminders for all of us. Hope all is well with your family.

  4. Thank you for sharing these brief but moving thoughts. Best wishes with all your concerns.

  5. You will be missed Michelle, hope you will be back online soon. Best wishes to you and your family.