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James Ganus Gurganus, John Monroe Ganus, William Franklin Ganus, Elizabeth McCluskey, Olivia Rainwater, Mary Matilda Roberts, Sarah E. Faucett
John Monroe Ganus and Olivia Rainwater

David Ganus
  Malinda M. Ganus

James Ganus (also Gurganus)
  Elizabeth McCluskey

James W. Ganus
  Frances Foster
  Nancy E. Ayers
  Martha Henrietta Watterson

John Monroe Ganus
  Olivia Rainwater

Martha Elizabeth Ganus
  William Cohen Brock

Margaret Ganus
  James Blackmon

Mary Ganus
  Burton W. Cook

Rebecca Ganus
  Samuel Solomon Lee

William Franklin Ganus
  Mary Matilda Roberts
   Sarah E. Faucett

William Jackson Ganus
  Amanda Cook

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