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Monday, November 3, 2014

Do You Remember? Clove Gum and Grandma's purse

Do You Remember?

Every time I smell cloves, I am transported back in time to days spent with my grandma.  She didn't drive much in her older years and her trips were essentially limited to church, the grocery store, the beauty parlor and her children's homes.  But everywhere Grandma went, she took her purse just as every lady did.  I never actually looked in her purse for it was her purse and was for her own treasures and perusing, but the second she opened it, the smell wafted out and it always made my mouth water.

Her purse always smelled of Clove gum and the best part about it was, Grandma always shared.  I remember not only the smell, but also the distinctive flavor which was a strong spicy taste of cloves combined with pure sugar.  What could be better?

As I pondered this post and knowing how smells can trigger strong memories, I recently made a trip out to Cracker Barrel to pick up a pack of Clove gum because I remembered seeing it there.  I was so disappointed when the clerk told me that the company had recently gone out of business. She also told me that as the word spread that the gum would no longer be available, many had come to buy the last few packs.  Sadly I wasn't one of them.

Do you remember Clove gum? 

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