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Sunday, November 9, 2014

Do You Remember---Travelin in the Wagon

Do you remember  .....the station wagon?  We had a station wagon and it wasn't just any wagon either. This one had the awesome wood paneling on the sides--the paneling that we all thought was so cool at the time and which seems to be the brunt of so many jokes now.  But in the day, we thought we were stylin in that rig.

Brothers and a cousin in our wagon

As cool as the outside was, the interior was even better.  Some of our friends' wagons had the very back seat that faced backwards, but this one had two smaller seats, one on each side of the back that faced each other, making it easy to sit and talk.  It was in the back seat of that wagon that we learned who was prone to car sickness. Yep, there was plenty of gaggin in that wagon.

This gem was also our first car to have windows that went up and down with the push of a button. Not only did we not have to crank the handle to get the windows up and down, but the driver had the option of rolling the windows up or down with a push of the button as well.  All was good except for a few unfortunate incidences when a parent unknowingly rolled the window up with some of our appendages sticking out.  They were always quickly notified through our piercing screams however and thankfully, there were never any serious injuries.

We had many fun adventures in that wagon, from trips to town to picnics in the mountains and many fun family vacations.  And now when we get together and reminisce , there are plenty of stories to share from our days of traveling in the wagon.

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